Oil Cleansing

Okay. So, there’s this wonderful facial cleansing method that is supposed to balance your oils more naturally and not result in as many breakouts and as much dry skin.

Honestly, I can’t confirm the success of any single method here. However, I have tried a few and I do have some preferences:

LUSH “Sweet Japanese Girl” cleanser is an oil facial cleanser that includes abrasive almond shells and ground almonds. It smells fantastic, but to be honest, it really feels like you’re smearing butter all over your face. Even with the scrubby bits, it just feels heavy.

Villainess’ “Slick” is an oil cleanser that includes emulsifiers in it and doesn’t have that horrible ‘I’m smearing butter on my face’ feel — it’s light and clean, and once you massage it in it washes off easily with warm water. And, it smells fantastic.

CocoaPink’s Touchy is very similar to Slick except that Ilona, the gal in charge of Cocoa Pink, lets you choose between various skin types (oily, dry, or normal).

Either Touchy or Slick are my oil cleansers of choice — Sweet Japanese Girl is great as far as the scrubby exfoliation goes, but honestly, if I wanted to feel like I was smearing a stick of butter on my face, I would. It would be MUCH cheaper.

Slick seems to be slightly lighter overall, but because Ilona allows for oily, normal, and dry, I might have picked the wrong one for my picky combination skin. Either Ilona’s or Villaness’ oil cleanser seems to work the best, though, depending on your skin type.

You WILL have to experiment a little, because your own skin type does factor in here, and it does make a difference. But overall, the oil cleansing method is SO much better than harsh soap!


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