Various Nails of the Day

So, I don’t have a good camera for close-ups (and have to use flash because of poor lighting), and because I’m a leftie and my camera’s button is on the right (most of these are flipped 180 degrees), I have trouble getting decent pictures, but here are some recent nails of the day (and my incredibly sloppy manicures — I’m working on it, but I still can’t keep from getting polish all over my fingers):

First (and possibly neatest), China Glaze Sexagon, from the Kaleidoscope collection. It’s so pretty, all holographic silver glittery goodness. It dries quickly and smoothly — no glittery lumps.


Second, Zoya Yasmeen (gorgeous purple with a shimmer that’s a little on the gold/peach side), and Zoya Rihana (lovely burgundy shimmer — it looks a little more magenta here. And that really is a terrible photo…):



And most recently, Misa A Sin Worth Committing — gorgeous dark blue with a shimmer that just explodes in bright light. It’s so pretty! This picture almost doesn’t suck…



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