Drive-by Update

Work has had me completely snowed under for the past few months. I’m going crazy here, and burying myself in pretty nail polishes and wonderful perfumes, but wanted to let you folks know:

Moonalisa is doing a sale tomorrow (May 28th)! Check out her site at 9:30pm Eastern (6:30pm Pacific)! Don’t be late!

And BPAL’s partner, the Black Phoenix Trading Post, has a special event, an “Inquisition”, available through 5/31/09. The theme for this inquisition is Warrior Queens, and you can either “plead” your case via submitting a story or other request (someone did a great art post of her face edited into a picture that represented each queen), or just let the Trading Post decide what scent might fit you randomly (you can also request a specific scent, and they will honour it, but giving them a random request can be kind of entertaining if you’re not worried about any specific scent). Check out the Limited Edition link if you didn’t catch the one above.

And now I’m going to crash. Hugs to all!


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