The Greening of Summer

Disclaimer: Please ignore the crapplication in some cases. I do not have a good digital camera, and am making do with my ancient Kodak DC215 ZOOM. I’ve cropped and prepped the pictures in Photoshop, but tried very hard not to change the colour. These are all flash photos from indoor light.

Okay. I love green nail polish. At some point when I was younger, green was my favourite colour, before I decided purple was. Green is a great colour for nail polish, and it’s not all that common, although the bigger companies have been adding it to their lines more and more often. They’re not dumb — they realize when something is big with the customers!

I’m trying to figure out what’s the best Slytherin Green to wear to the HP movie, with stripes of Zoya Trixie (very silver) as a great HP Slytherin manicure. I do know some greens that aren’t right:

MAC Peppermint Patty:

The first picture is the first time I wore it, the second picture is a number of weeks later when I wore it again, after my nails had grown considerably. It’s a gorgeous minty green (and is not as blue as it photographs!) , but the application is difficult to say the least. It’s a pastel creme finish – cremes are bad enough, but a light colour along with it just makes it so hard to deal with. Lots of streaking and cuticle drag… I think this is 4 coats. Neither picture is showing tipwear, it’s just that one of the shots has a lot of reflection along the edges.

Misa The Grass is Greener on My Side — a pretty neon teal green. Shimmery and bright. It dries matte, but this is with a topcoat so it’s obscenely shiny!

China Glaze In the Lime Light — NEON lime green. This dries very quickly and dries matte like many neons. It has a slight shimmer, which shows up best if you use a topcoat.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jumpin’ Jade — this is a specially formulated polish that dries under 1 minute. The brush is WIDE and weird, and the polish is very pigmented, but I thought it was covering in one stroke and only after I’d added a topcoat and all did I realize it was streaky and blotchy. You’d do better to do two coats, being careful not to do anything odd because it really does dry THAT fast. Here’s another picture (where you can see how uneven it is):

This colour is available now, at Target and probably CVS and other drug stores. If you love dark green/teal shimmer, I advise you grab it now while you can!

And finally, two that might actually fit the Slytherin Green. Both of these are creme finish, and other than 3 coats each and a nice shiny topcoat, both of them behave about the same.

1. Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle:

and 2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Blackboard:

Blackboard is exactly the green of an old chalkboard from my high school (in grade school, we actually DID have blackboards, but once we got out of the old buildings, they had the green ones…). It’s a little more blue-shaded and blackened than Recycle, so I’m thinking it might not be the best for a Slytherin green. I’m pretty sure Slytherin green is a more yellow-tinted green. Recycle may be the best, or one of the ones I haven’t tried yet (Like Illamasqua Rampage…). Whichever one I end up going with, I’ll make sure to post pictures of my movie night manicure! 😀


One Response to “The Greening of Summer”

  1. I’d go with that one: Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle for the Slyth green now that I see it. It’s defo the closest.

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