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The Lab (BPAL) is AWESOME and a small disclaimer/wibble

Posted in BPAL, etailers, perfume on October 16, 2009 by penemuel

First, let me tell you a little tale about how freaking AWESOME the folks at the Lab (BPAL) are. I had been waiting for part of an order for a while — it was backordered, and then part of it was accidentally left out of my box, so I had one last item I was waiting for. I received a CnS (Click’n’Ship) notice, and when the box arrived, I thought it was strangely heavy for what it was, but brought it home and eagerly opened it. When I started going through the items in the box, it became very obvious that it was not my order.

Instead, it was someone else’s eBay win. Someone else’s very, very expensive eBay win.

I kind of did this O_O and then this :O and very carefully wrapped everything back up and e-mailed Puddin’ (the fellow in charge of the Black Phoenix Trading Post, Beth’s husband, and a really cool guy) asking what address he wanted me to ship it back to. There was no way I could keep it — I know how rare the scent is, and someone paid a lot of hard-earned money for it (and I was definitely shipping it back insured, because I would just die if something went wrong between here & CA)!

Puddin’ gave me the address to ship it back to, and said he was going to send me a little something extra in my box with the remainder of my order, and I thought that was incredibly sweet but told him he didn’t have to. He did anyway, and I’m now the proud owner of a prototype room spray and a limited edition room spray from earlier in the year (Valentine’s Day release). I was absurdly gleeful when I got those, and thought Dude, the Lab is so awesome!

Well, this past week, I got another box from the Lab, and wondered if it was my most recent order just showing up with no CnS — this happens occasionally when the USPS software is being wonky. So I opened the box, and got the surprise of my life: another note thanking me for my honesty, and THREE PROTOTYPE BOTTLES OF OILS FROM AN UPCOMING COLLECTION! O_O

DUDE. The Lab is AWESOME!!

I sent the eBay win back because it was the right thing to do — I never expected any kind of gift for doing that, but omg I’m just so overwhelmed by how generous and lovely the Labbies are. And if anyone ever says they are anything other than that, I will smack them upside the head!

Secondly, I ran into this article and am a little on the O_O side.

I can see where it would affect the big, well-known bloggers, and the ones who do this as a semi-professional, or even professional thing, but what about those of us who do it out of love for various products, etc.? Are we still at risk for fines and such?

Well, I guess, to be on the safe side, I should state clearly and plainly, I do not receive free products from any of the companies or people I blog about. I purchase everything myself (with the express exception of free samples/free bottles from BPAL that anyone ordering from them gets (2 samples per bottle ordered, free bottles sometimes with large orders) and a couple of gifts because the Lab is Just That AWESOME).

(Someone want to tell me how to NOT automatically generate ‘possibly related posts’? O.o)


BPAL Halloweenies 2009

Posted in BPAL, Halloween, holidays, perfume with tags , , , on October 11, 2009 by penemuel

I’ve fallen obscenely behind on this blog with Real Life (TM) taking up way too much of my time. However, I’m trying out the iPod Touch/iPhone WordPress app to see if the draft feature works, and typing this while in the car (no, I’m not the driver.)

I should have posted these when they were first released, but they’re still available until November 5th:
The Awesomeness that is BPAL Halloween