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BPAL exposes the world’s conspiracies for April Fools

Posted in BPAL, holidays, perfume with tags , , on March 29, 2010 by penemuel

Every year, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab does some really fun releases for April Fool’s Day — this year is no different, and in my opinion is actually the most awesome release EVER. I love conspiracy theories and lunatic fringe stuff, and an entire set of scents based on them is sheer creative genius!

The set is called BLACK HELICOPTERS OVER BLACK PHOENIX and each 5ml perfume oil bottle is $20. They are “Presented in a suspicious amber apothecary glass vial,” and no samples (Imps) are available for this series. You can probably join a decant circle to get Imp-sized decants at the sinandsalvation or bpalmarketplace communities on Live Journal, or at the BPAL forum. The series is available until May 29th, 2010, so there is time to get decants, test the scents, and make decisions on bottle purchases. Oh — and every purchase of a Black Helicopter blend comes with an imp’s ear of Tin Foil Hat. It doesn’t get any cooler than that!

The Truth is Out There…