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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… (Halloween at BPAL!)

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It’s that time of year again! Please note, 13, which is all the way down at the end, is ONLY up until 8/14, so if you want that one and need time to think about the others, order it today! (Link to the Lab is in my sidebar!) (Copy below is from the BPAL website, not my own words!)

The awesomeness that is BPAL Halloween


BPAL Walletpocalypse Continues!

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Yeah, my wallet is never, ever going to recover. BPAL outdoes themselves once again. Scents based on Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, Boom! Studios’ (and Mark Waid’s) Irredeemable, and Top Cow’s Witchblade are coming soon! The scents are debuting at C2E2 in Chicago (next weekend?) and there are some exclusive scents that will only be available there, but the ones listed here will be available on the BPAL site soon. (I’m thinking I might have to look into Irredeemable, because that theme kind of hits a few of my storytelling kinks…):


A scent that slips through the cracks: peppermint, lavender, bergamot, and mandrake.

Pompous and predatory: tonka bean, black musk, bourbon geranium, nd crushed porcelain.

Golden honey, nicotiana, blue chamomile, and cistus.

A cacophony of curious scents: copaiba balsam, petitgrain, citrus rind, sinicuichi accord, betel nut, wasabi root, coconut palm, and wattleseed layered atop innumerable strange herbs, spices, and woods.

Leonine amber, tanned hides, clove, and clary sage.

Deadly elegance: pale orchid, vanilla amber, black currant, white peach, champaca, coconut, Arabian myrrh, Burmese vetiver, and oude.

A splash of bay rum, leather, dusty black wool, massoia bark, and opium residue.

Stone and darkness.

A snuffling, brown scent: earthy patchouli, sage, russet sandalwood, grimy leather, fig leaf, and lemongrass.

Dark and gangly, with a glint of razor-sharp stainless steel behind it: opopponax, costus, black pepper, black sandalwood, and polished metal.

Smooth inky musk, cathedral incense, ylang ylang, violet leaf, rose-infused amber, red sandalwood, and iris.

The Neverwhere scents are part of an ongoing not-for-profit project, and proceeds from the sales of all Neil-inspired perfumes go to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which works to preserve and protect the First Amendment rights of the comics community.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is thrilled to present their first collaboration with the wonderful people at Boom! Studios. The first scents in Black Phoenix’s new Boom! line are inspired by Mark Waid’s phenomenal comic book series, Irredeemable:

What if you go from, you know, Captain America to Doctor Doom? What if you go from Superman to Lex Luthor? How do you go from being the greatest hero in the world — someone that everybody knows, and everybody loves, and everyone recognizes — to the greatest villain in the world? What is that path? It’s not a light switch, it’s not an on-off switch, it’s not something that you wake up one day and just become evil. – Mark Waid


Soapy cleanliness sullied by blood and ashes.

Benzoin, wild plum, smoky amber, bergamot, orange blossom, myrrh, and dark berries.

Rosehip, plum blossom, white sandalwood, jonquil, and amber-laden incense.

Faded perfume, cigarette smoke, and gin.

Gleaming metal, electrical discharge, and a whiff of tinny cologne.

Leather with a shock of eucalyptus, green mint, elemi, ravintsara and lime.

White tea, hibiscus, Arabian sandalwood, white amber, white tea, ho leaf, pale Japanese flowers, and vetiver.

Also debuting at C2E2 – the first in a line of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents inspired by Top Cow’s Witchblade!


Mysterious herbs and ancient resins. Dust settled on ancient relics, both holy and malevolent.

A classic men’s cologne splashed over a leather trenchcoat and a hint of gunshot residue.

A hint of leather and an understated vintage musk layered over the scent of lightly perspiring, honey-dusted skin.

Antediluvian, sacred metal, glowing red musk, blessed frankincense, and antiqued amber.

The Witchblade perfume was created to layer seamlessly with Sara Pezzini’s scent, and is made to be worn with all of the future Black Phoenix scents inspired by Witchblade wielders.

Proceeds from every bottle sold from the Top Cow Witchblade series go to the Hero Initiative, the first federally recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators, writers and artists in need. Founded in late 2000 by a consortium of comic book and trade publishers including Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Wizard Entertainment, CrossGen Comics and Dynamic Forces Inc., the 501©(3) charity aims to assist comic creators with health, medical, and quality-of-life assistance.

In addition, Black Phoenix will be debuting a scent created solely to benefit the CBLDF:

Banned in Boston was a phrase coined in the 19th century that was used to describe material, be it a motion picture, photograph, literary work, or other work of art, that contained objectionable or obscene content. Boston city officials and the Watch and Ward Society took their lead from the Comstock Law, which prohibited obscene materials from being distributed via the US Mail service, and formed their own strict censorship guidelines. Provocative or offensive material was prohibited from distribution or exhibition within Boston city limits.

The effect was much like that of the RIAA’s Parental Advisory tags: if something was Banned in Boston, it only served to pique interest and spike sales or attendance.

Obscene, lewd, lascivious, and decidedly objectionable. A filthy, post-coitus scent: sweaty and sweet, laced with laudanum, splashed with booze, and stained by tobacco.

(Please note: the Banned in Boston label is NSFW.)

Yeah, I might have to get that one too, just because… 😉

BPAL exposes the world’s conspiracies for April Fools

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Every year, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab does some really fun releases for April Fool’s Day — this year is no different, and in my opinion is actually the most awesome release EVER. I love conspiracy theories and lunatic fringe stuff, and an entire set of scents based on them is sheer creative genius!

The set is called BLACK HELICOPTERS OVER BLACK PHOENIX and each 5ml perfume oil bottle is $20. They are “Presented in a suspicious amber apothecary glass vial,” and no samples (Imps) are available for this series. You can probably join a decant circle to get Imp-sized decants at the sinandsalvation or bpalmarketplace communities on Live Journal, or at the BPAL forum. The series is available until May 29th, 2010, so there is time to get decants, test the scents, and make decisions on bottle purchases. Oh — and every purchase of a Black Helicopter blend comes with an imp’s ear of Tin Foil Hat. It doesn’t get any cooler than that!

The Truth is Out There…

The Lab (BPAL) is AWESOME and a small disclaimer/wibble

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First, let me tell you a little tale about how freaking AWESOME the folks at the Lab (BPAL) are. I had been waiting for part of an order for a while — it was backordered, and then part of it was accidentally left out of my box, so I had one last item I was waiting for. I received a CnS (Click’n’Ship) notice, and when the box arrived, I thought it was strangely heavy for what it was, but brought it home and eagerly opened it. When I started going through the items in the box, it became very obvious that it was not my order.

Instead, it was someone else’s eBay win. Someone else’s very, very expensive eBay win.

I kind of did this O_O and then this :O and very carefully wrapped everything back up and e-mailed Puddin’ (the fellow in charge of the Black Phoenix Trading Post, Beth’s husband, and a really cool guy) asking what address he wanted me to ship it back to. There was no way I could keep it — I know how rare the scent is, and someone paid a lot of hard-earned money for it (and I was definitely shipping it back insured, because I would just die if something went wrong between here & CA)!

Puddin’ gave me the address to ship it back to, and said he was going to send me a little something extra in my box with the remainder of my order, and I thought that was incredibly sweet but told him he didn’t have to. He did anyway, and I’m now the proud owner of a prototype room spray and a limited edition room spray from earlier in the year (Valentine’s Day release). I was absurdly gleeful when I got those, and thought Dude, the Lab is so awesome!

Well, this past week, I got another box from the Lab, and wondered if it was my most recent order just showing up with no CnS — this happens occasionally when the USPS software is being wonky. So I opened the box, and got the surprise of my life: another note thanking me for my honesty, and THREE PROTOTYPE BOTTLES OF OILS FROM AN UPCOMING COLLECTION! O_O

DUDE. The Lab is AWESOME!!

I sent the eBay win back because it was the right thing to do — I never expected any kind of gift for doing that, but omg I’m just so overwhelmed by how generous and lovely the Labbies are. And if anyone ever says they are anything other than that, I will smack them upside the head!

Secondly, I ran into this article and am a little on the O_O side.

I can see where it would affect the big, well-known bloggers, and the ones who do this as a semi-professional, or even professional thing, but what about those of us who do it out of love for various products, etc.? Are we still at risk for fines and such?

Well, I guess, to be on the safe side, I should state clearly and plainly, I do not receive free products from any of the companies or people I blog about. I purchase everything myself (with the express exception of free samples/free bottles from BPAL that anyone ordering from them gets (2 samples per bottle ordered, free bottles sometimes with large orders) and a couple of gifts because the Lab is Just That AWESOME).

(Someone want to tell me how to NOT automatically generate ‘possibly related posts’? O.o)

BPAL Halloweenies 2009

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I’ve fallen obscenely behind on this blog with Real Life (TM) taking up way too much of my time. However, I’m trying out the iPod Touch/iPhone WordPress app to see if the draft feature works, and typing this while in the car (no, I’m not the driver.)

I should have posted these when they were first released, but they’re still available until November 5th:
The Awesomeness that is BPAL Halloween

Drive-by Update

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Work has had me completely snowed under for the past few months. I’m going crazy here, and burying myself in pretty nail polishes and wonderful perfumes, but wanted to let you folks know:

Moonalisa is doing a sale tomorrow (May 28th)! Check out her site at 9:30pm Eastern (6:30pm Pacific)! Don’t be late!

And BPAL’s partner, the Black Phoenix Trading Post, has a special event, an “Inquisition”, available through 5/31/09. The theme for this inquisition is Warrior Queens, and you can either “plead” your case via submitting a story or other request (someone did a great art post of her face edited into a picture that represented each queen), or just let the Trading Post decide what scent might fit you randomly (you can also request a specific scent, and they will honour it, but giving them a random request can be kind of entertaining if you’re not worried about any specific scent). Check out the Limited Edition link if you didn’t catch the one above.

And now I’m going to crash. Hugs to all!

E-tailers I love – Moonalisa

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Moonalisa, a Supernatural Clean. This etailer is a wonderful woman who makes all of her own stuff and puts an amazing amount of love and care into everything she makes. She doesn’t stay open constantly — instead, she opens for short periods with a limited stock, then closes up and makes all of the orders and sends them out. After that, periodically throughout the year, she opens again.

Part of the reason that making everything and sending it out is a lengthy process is that she makes everything a completely beautiful artistic endeavour. Not only are the products amazingly high quality and the fragrances beautiful and complex, the packaging and presentation is first rate. Here are some pictures of my winter order placed on 1/1/09 and received on 3/4/09:

Lots of pictures below